Sniper: Ghost Warrior game Tips 3. Mission "meeting with team, young wine, big wedding"

Your following three tasks will be performed one by one. As soon as you accept the mission "Get to know the team" in your shelter, you must go to the tunnel marked on your map. When you achieve a new location, you must go to a new shelter and meet with your team. This task will be performed automatically after a short scene.

Use the laptop, accept the main quest "Young Wine" and go to a small town marked on your card. Your task is to get two things: civilian clothes to disguise yourself, and a wine truck, which will provide you with access to the wedding. Get to the destination and take the cliffs presented in the picture. There you can use your drone to scan an object for useful information and enemies.

There will be several enemies in the area. First, take care of the guard at the gate. Although other soldiers are unlikely to notice it, you can destroy the light source above it. Right next to him, at the gate, there is another opponent. You must interrogate it because it can provide you with some useful information.

Come to the main building located in the middle of the region, and wait until the guard presented on the screenshot will not pass behind the vehicle. This is a great opportunity to get rid of your opponent. Another soldier will defend the area to the right of the main building. Remove it with a shot in the head and do not worry, no one will look for it.

Enter the house and use the staircase to get to the top floor. On the right side there is a security guard that you can fully ignore. He is busy conversation with a woman. However, in the next room you will find the disguise you were looking for. Truck keys are located on the opposite side of the same floor. Before leaving the building, you can perform an additional task. You must eliminate the target located on the first floor. The head of the head should be sufficient, and the woman with whom he spoke will not shout.

You can also secure another hostile construction - winery before you continue your quest. There are not so many guards in this area, so it is reasonable to destroy them before going further. As soon as you are ready, go to the vehicle and go to the destination to start a big wedding. Quest is nothing but a cat scene, so everything you need to do is get to the Church and watch the end of the action I. 1xBet have a welcome offer that can see you receive up to $130 but you must use the 1XBET Promo Code 2022 : you'll get an exclusive welcome bonus of 200%. You can use it on all sections: sports, live, casino, games, virtual sports, bingo. Play slots and other casino games from the best software developers.As famous, Not following the hit fee, sports activities betting is kind of high compared to the options.The players often ought to find additional funds to use the consecutive bets. The betting companies issue quality bonuses for such bettors.