What color kitchen furniture is least polluted?

The kitchen is a place where something is often spilled, crumbles and stains the surface. Therefore, when arranging it, it is worth paying attention not only to aesthetics, but also to functionality. For this reason, it is worth choosing kitchen furniture, which provides enough space for storage, and in addition, dirt and dust will practically not be visible on it. What color will be the least spots on? Dirt and dark kitchen furniture
The kitchen is a place where furniture is especially susceptible to fat spots, dust and fingerprints. All this can affect the aesthetics of this room. For this reason, it is worth choosing kitchen furniture, where all the shortcomings are visible as little as possible. It may seem that on dark technique the spots will not be very noticeable, but in fact, everything is quite the opposite. Black or anthracite does not mask dirt, and nut or oak - these are dark, but specific colors in which the dirt will not be visible. Fair furniture and dirt
Contrary to the common opinion, so that the surfaces are as little dirt as possible, it is best to use kitchen furniture of light colors. Colors that mask spots: creamy white,
light gray,
light brown,
All these colors have no spots from dust and fat. You can choose the furniture of these shades of wood, MDF plates and laminate. An additional advantage of the light kitchen is optical clarification and increase in the room. This color scheme is not subject to time and is suitable for almost any interior. Surfaces with a granular structure are even better hidden by unsightly traces. Glossy or matte cuisine
The type of finishing of kitchen furniture also affects the visibility of spots and dirt. Any fingerprints and spots are much more noticeable on the glossy surface. Therefore, despite the spectacular appearance, it is better to avoid gloss. Although in the case of white cabinets you can choose a glossy coating, since any traces will still be less noticeable on them than, for example, on glossy black technique. Any pollution is also visible on glass furniture. For this reason, it is best to opt for kitchen cabinets on a semi -water or satin coating, where dirt and dust are not very visible. It is also worth paying attention to laminated furniture with an antipalse coating, which additionally reduces the visibility of fingerprints and spots. Шлюхи и индивидуалки  проститутки Челябинск  шикарные отсос и минет разный секс для мачо клиентов.