Distinctive features of slot machines in virtual casinos

Wild symbols

A special symbol that can replace any symbol in a combination called the wild symbol. In the card deck performs a similar function joker. In slot machines relevant themes wild characters are drawn in the form of jokers.

In the slot machine the appearance of the wild symbol on the playing field can bring the player a big win. When replacing the wild symbol, you can also expect an additional winnings multiplier. The presence of the wild symbol in the emulator promises players great profits.

Sticky Wild Symbol

One of the bonus options in slot machines is called Sticky Wilds. Modern video slots feature wild symbols. They can be used in place of other symbols to speed up the formation of winning combinations.  Sticky wild symbols act in a similar way, but are retained until the end of the game. On a new spin of the reels such symbols will remain in the same place.

Stacked Wilds

Stacked Wilds perform the same functions as wild symbols. The difference is that they appear on the screen in groups, occupying adjacent positions. There may be 2 or 3 wild symbols, or the whole reel may be filled with wild symbols. Therefore, stacked wild symbols can lead to multiple winnings at once.

Cascading wild symbols.

When a cascading wild symbol falls from above, a stream of wild symbols begins to fall onto the reel. As a result, you can get a winning combination several times in a single spin of the reel.

Random jokers

In certain situations, a random wild symbol appears on the playing field. He appears at random, so somehow predict its appearance on the playing field is impossible. It may appear when a certain combination of other symbols or when animation starts, but most likely it is triggered by a random number generator.


New models of slot machines rarely do without the scatter symbol, but in older models with few paylines such an option is absent. Depending on the intention of the developer scatter appears on certain reels, and may appear on all reels. Paid combination usually consists of three characters, but in some machines even a chain of two characters is enough. Usually combinations with scatter symbols are paid equally on different slots.

Slot machines as the main entertainment of virtual casinos

Slot machines have gained popularity for obvious reasons. Firstly, simple rules allow you to quickly start playing. Secondly, a bright and colorful design of slot machines combined with excellent graphics and animation. Finally, from the launch of the slot machine to win just a few minutes. The emergence of virtual slot machines was greeted with enthusiasm. The opportunity to play your favorite gambling machine day and night in the comfort of the environment has led to an increase in visitors to virtual gambling resources. In addition, virtual casinos gave players free demo versions, which allowed to work out the strategy of the game.

The range of entertainment is staggering. Virtual casino gambling gives users a half to two thousand different types of gambling entertainment, for example, such as free sweet bonanza. List of available games is constantly updated. New arrivals are characterized by high quality graphics and animations, attractive options and a high level of winnings. Lovers of gambling entertainment and a high level of risk like this state of affairs.

The work of the slot machines without registration

Most of the gambling machines in virtual gambling resources have on the playing field of five rotating reels, as well as three lines of symbols. In free gambling machines provided in virtual institutions, the number of reels is limited to three. Each slot machine has its own selection of characters associated with the theme of the slot. The amount of winnings depends on the combination of symbols. Access to free spins available only to registered visitors to the casino.

The interface of the slot machine has the following buttons:

  • Bet - allows you to select the size of the bet;
  • line - determines the number of lines;
  • Coin value - changes the value of the coin;
  • Spin - carries out the rotation of drums;
  •  Autoplay - automatically starts the reels.

The number of buttons may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The appearance of symbols on the playing field with the reels is determined by a random number generator. With three times the appearance of a symbol on one of the lines the player receives a prize, which can be viewed in the pay table. Payout tables of different slot machines are different.