A New Branch for Jack's Casino in Drachten

A New Branch for Jack's Casino in Drachten

Jack's Casino keeps expanding. After launching several new branches this year, the Dutch market leader now wants to set foot in Friesland. Drachten to be precise. Whether the permit will actually be granted remains to be seen.

Drachten gets a casino

That there will be a casino in Drachten is now certain. The mayor has indicated that there is room for one casino in Smallingerland. Earlier this year the town received three requests to open a casino. Two of these requests came directly from JVH Gaming, the parent company behind Jack's Casino. Jack's Casino is no stranger to the Dutch gambling world. With 85 branches, the company is the market leader in arcades. The mayor is open to a Jack's Casino in Drachten. The deal seems to be almost done, but the champagne has not yet been uncorked.

Jack's Casino wants to settle in Van der Valk Hotel Drachten

Jack's Casino

The prime location for Jack's Casino to set up shop is the Van der Valk Hotel. Hotel Drachten, as the name of the hotel is, is located at Lavendelheide 4, in Drachten. Jack's Casino and Van der Valk have been a winning combination for years. The Van der Valk Hotel Sassenheim, for example, is home to a Jack's Casino branch and also in Tilburg. The following Van der Valk Hotels also have a Jack's Casino:

  • Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven.
  • Hotel Eindhoven.
  • Hotel Nuland in 's-Hertogenbosch.
  • Hotel De Witte Bergen-Hilversum.
  • Hotel Tiel.

Jack's Casino also wants to establish itself in Van der Valk Hotel Hengelo, but the negotiations with that municipality seem to be more difficult than in Drachten. The city has a Zero Tolerance policy on gambling. For the time being there is no news about the establishment on the A1 near Hengelo.

A Jack's Casino in Friesland does not yet exist. There is a branch of the casino in Groningen. The Van der Valk hotel in Drachten would therefore be the perfect location. Several hotels offer packages in which a visit to the casino can be combined with dinner, hotel accommodation, and breakfast the next morning.

Jack's Casino goes online

Jack's Casino itself announces on November 19 that it has received a license to offer online games of chance. This means that even if for some reason the Drachten branch does not go ahead, all of Friesland and the rest of the Netherlands can just visit Jack's Casino at home. From November 20, 2021, Jack's Casino is allowed to offer online games of chance.

However, they do not only offer casino games. Sports betting will also be offered at Jacks.nl. The sportsbook is provided by Kambi and which is the market leader in the field of sports betting platforms. With Evolution, there is also a partnership they can be proud of at Jack's Casino. Evolution provides the most beautiful live casino games. Where you can't play live roulette or other table games at the physical Jack's establishments, this is suddenly possible at the online casino. As soon as the Jack's Casino website goes online we will of course write an extensive casino review about it.

Jack's Casino

When can Jack's Casino open in Drachten?

It seems a bit too early to talk about an opening. Discussions are ongoing and the most important thing is that Van der Valk Hotel would like to see Jack's Casino establish itself in Hotel Drachten. Although they are very fast at Jack's Casino, a launch in 2021 seems out of the question. The first quarter of 2022 is more likely. Then you can learn How to perfectly prepare for a job interview? Until then the Frisians have to travel to Jack's in Groningen. If that is too far, there is always the consolation that the online gambling site of Jack's Casino will be online very soon.